Pocket Watching

New Music: Sean Kingston – ‘Pocket Watching’

Jewelry was at the heart of Sean Kingston’s feud with The Game last year, and now ice is at the center of his new single, “Pocket Watching.”

Produced by Retro, the trap soundtrack allows Kingston to drop boastful lines about his bling. Dedicated to those “pocket watching on the sideline,” he brags about the “diamonds” in his face and watch.

Still, Kingston doesn’t lose track of the ladies on here. “Girl, you’re looking fine,” he sings. “Tell me what you’re trying to do / ‘Cause I got all the time for you.”

Fans eager to get a behind-the-scenes look at the song can find it on Instagram. Last night, Kingston shared a candid video from the studio, showing the excitement that went into making the track.

But this is just the start. It looks like Sean has way more planned for this year. “2017 is about to be crazy!! Got some heat comin for yall,” he wrote. “2017 is about to be a movie.”

Last year, the Jamaican-American singer was embroiled in controversy after The Game accused Meek Mill of snitching on him for allegedly being tied to a Sean Kingston robbery. Sean responded by saying he never snitched and by calling Game a “fake ass, hoe ass ni**a,” a stripper, and “a disgrace to the Bloods.”