Video: The Weeknd – ‘Party Monster’

The Weeknd is a “Party Monster” in the thrilling video for the latest single off his critically-acclaimed album Starboy.

Directed by BRTHR, “Party Monster” starts with Abel Tesfaye behind the wheel, driving through the desert before psychedelics hit and everything gets blurry.

With religious and sensual imagery flashing quickly, Weeknd is transported into a nightmare-like neon and fire-filled world where zombies make out while eating an eyeball cake.

As the explosive clip resumes, it ties into previous visuals like “Starboy” and Abel’s Mania vignettes, particularly with the neon cross and panther imagery. In one scene, said panther jumps out of a television screen, causing The Weeknd to sink into his bed.

As faces continue to melt around him near the end of the video, he’s back on the road. Recklessly, he drives at lightning quick speed, before watching a car drive off a cliff.

Interestingly enough, the video for the song, which features lyrics like “ass like Selena,” arrives just a day after Abel and Selena Gomez were spotted kissing outside of a Santa Monica restaurant.