Wiz Khalifa

Video: J.R. Donato feat. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods – ‘The Man’

Taylor Gang is ready for 2017.

Kicking things off this year, the trio of J.R. Donato, Wiz Khalifa, and Chevy Woods delivers the music video for “The Man,” the latest single off last year’s TGOD, Vol. 1 mixtape.

The BCKYRD-directed visual features short breakup vignettes within verses. The arguments between lovers lend themselves loosely to the song’s lyrics. Meanwhile, the TGOD squad kicks back in front of a liquor store, sharing laughs.

“We’re all talking about what it feels like to be ‘the man’ from our own perspectives,” Chevy told Billboard. “For me, it’s looking back at my life and feeling good about being able to help friends who are going through hard times. We want you to find things that you feel proud about and for you to follow your own path.”

Taylor Gang boss Wiz said he’s proud of the end result too. “Chevy, J.R. Donato, and all the whole gang helped ensure that this will be a timeless song from the project,” he said.

Meanwhile, J.R. called this an empowerment anthem. “It’s important for black youth to feel proud about themselves because we’re kings,” he said. “It’s in our blood and our roots to be just that.”

Watch the video for “The Man” below.