Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Debuts Video for Soulja Boy Diss Track ‘If You Show Up’

It’s on. As he prepares to train Chris Brown in his fight against Soulja Boy, Mike Tyson comes out swinging with a video for his Soulja diss track “If You Show Up.”

The boxing champ doesn’t appear in much of the video. Instead, he lets social media personalities rap along to his scathing diss track. “Talking shit on Instagram,” raps Tyson. “But social media don’t make a fucking man / Everybody talk shit behind the keys / I’ma sting like a venereal disease.”

Whether inside of a gym, by the pool, or in an apartment complex, the team of social media stars rap along to Tyson’s bars throughout the Tonio Skits-directed clip. At one point, they also recreate the now-infamous Soulja boy altercation in the streets, which resulted in him losing his phone. The video ends with Iron Mike giving the camera a ferocious stare.

Earlier this month, Tyson announced that he was going to help Breezy in his much-discussed fight with Draco. “It’s confirmed. I’m training Chris,” said the boxing icon. “He chose me as his trainer to take on Soulja Boy. And Soulja Boy, what the fuck you talking about? The only thing I’m gonna teach him is to bite somebody’s ear? Yeah, that’s right! I’m gonna teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out.”

The video for “If You Show Up” arrives just after Soulja’s own diss “Stop Playing With Me,” which was aimed at Chris Brown, 50 Cent, and Tyson. “Mike Tyson, knock out his teeth,” he raps. “Chris Brown, knock out his teeth / Boy, stop playing with me / 50, stop playing with me / You know that I love the beef.”

Brown and Soulja are reportedly still planning to fight in March, but a venue and date have yet to be announced.