Chance the Rapper

Watch Chance the Rapper Do the #OptimisticChallenge

Chance the Rapper is definitely up for a challenge.

After participating in the #SoGoneChallenge last year, Lil Chano joins friends in the #OptimisticChallenge, a new dance-based trend on social media.

Chano highlighted the craze on Twitter last night, when he shared a video of himself dancing along with a few friends. Their synchronized moves were backed by Sounds of Blackness’s 1991 single “Optimistic.”

Donning his trademark “3” hat and Yeezy Boosts, a gleeful Chano showed off some b-boy steps, along with dances inspired by Kid ‘n Play.

Several other dance troupes have joined in on the fun, including a group of fifth grade school girls, who did the #OptimisticChallenge in their classroom. Chance shared their video with the caption: “The collective synchronized running man tho.”

Many have pointed to a video by comedian Jay Versace as the genesis of the #OptimisticChallenge. On Jan. 12, he shared a clip of his himself and some friends dancing to “Optimistic” on the street. His caption was: “2017 GOT ME FEELING LIKE.” The clip has been retweeted more than 83,000 times.