Vince Staples

New Music: Vince Staples – ‘BagBak’

Vince Staples has a message for Donald Trump and the one percent on his politically-charged banger “BagBak.”

Released today (Feb. 3), the track aims a verbal hammer at the current administration. “Tell the one percent to suck a dick, because we on now,” he raps. “Tell the government to suck a dick, because we on now / Tell the president to suck a dick, because we on now.”

Over potent percussion, the track also addresses mass incarceration and racial tension in the nation. “Prison system broken, racial war commotion / Until the president get ashy, Vincent won’t be votin’,” he raps. “We need Tamikas and Shaniquas in that Oval Office / Obama ain’t enough for me, we only getting started.”

Staples isn’t alone in his furor against Trump. Eminem called the President a “bitch” on Big Sean’s “No Favors,” while Sean rapped about murdering Trump on his new Hot 97 freestyle.

“Bagbak” is the first new Vince cut since his brooding Prima Donna project dropped last year.

Later this month, Staples is heading out on “The Life Aquatic Tour” with Kilo Kush. The run begins Feb. 24 in San Diego and ends April 9 at the Phoenix Lights Festival.

Listen to “BagBak” below.