Big Sean

Video: Big Sean – ‘Halfway Off the Balcony’

Big Sean goes back to the future in the music video for “Halfway Off the Balcony.”

The Andy Hines-directed clip shows Sean Don in neon-colored scenery, right off his I Decided. artwork, rapping about how “time’s the most valuable” before getting a phone call from an elderly man, who appears to be Sean in the future.

Walking down the street after his phone call, the Detroit spitter raps about his stock rising while motorcyclists ride by him. The older man, meanwhile, appears right where Sean was at the start of the video.

In the end, Sean Don appears deep in thought in a studio, brainstorming ideas for his LP. A phone keeps ringing and he’s told that it’s his mother on the line. “I’ma call her back,” he says, but an older voice whispers, “I think you should answer.”

The symbolic clip is a visual representation of I Decided.’s concept, which Sean recently revealed to “The Tonight Show.”

“I realized my whole life changed when I decided that life is about making the right decisions or the wrong decisions,” he said. “The story of the album is, imagine going through life and you’ve made all the wrong decisions your whole life. You get to the end of your life and you say, ‘God, I did everything wrong. I didn’t work it out with the love of my life. I messed up with my parents. I’m not doing the job I was sent here for. Imagine something happens and you get one chance to redo it all. The album is basically a chance, to have that wisdom of an old man while you’re young, and going through life to figure it out.”

Watch the concept come to life below.