John Legend and Common

New Music: Common feat. John Legend – ‘Rain (Remix)’

Common and John Legend make it “Rain” once again on the remix to their Black America Again collaboration.

This version of “Rain,” revamped by Bloom, adds dance-inspired elements and handclaps to the original, which only featured piano keys.

“I was always told ‘in the pain there’s a blessing,'” raps Common. “Mistakes that I made, they mirrored the lessons / Talking with God, I asked clearer questions / Dear Lord, is this what I’m destined for? / If so, then what am I stressing for?”

Common spoke with Spotify about the track’s significance. “The song is about following your dreams and going through with your dreams even if it rains,” he explained. “I was talking about, in my verse, how even if the rain comes down, the rain is cleansing thing. We gon’ deal with the rain. The song definitely has a spiritual tone and it makes me think of a movie.”

Outside of music, Common can be seen in John Wick 2, which is now in theaters.

Let the “Rain” fall below.