Snoop Dogg

Video: Snoop Dogg – ‘Legend’

Snoop Dogg basks in his “Legend”-ary status in the music video for the latest single off last year’s Coolaid LP.

Surrounded by flashing lights and smoke, the D-O-Double-G throws on some Day of the Dead face paint to boast about his iconic place in the rap game. “I can die right now,” he brags. “Still a legend / Look at my reflection / Ain’t no second guessin’ / Born to be a legend / A motherfu**in’ legend.”

Rapping inside a vintage TV set and sitting on a throne, Snoop lays his credentials down on wax while skeletons and religious imagery back him up. “You new ni**as look madder to me,” he raps. “Came up with the Doc / Been around the world with ‘Pac / Don’t compare another rapper to me.”

But the “Legend” video also acts as a trailer for the upcoming Coolaid film, which depicts Snoop as a child and as a teenage drug dealer. “Was I lucky? Probably,” he says in the clip. “Did I earn this? You damn right. But that still doesn’t tell you how I became who I am. To know that, you gotta go back to the beginning, to where it all really started.”

The film, which has no release date, is set to feature songs from Coolaid, which boasted appearances by Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Wiz Khalifa, Just Blaze, and E-40.

Watch “Legend” and the trailer for the Coolaid film below.