Video: Future – ‘Super Trapper’

Future brings fans into the home of a “Super Trapper” in the extravagant video for the new single off his recently-released self-titled LP.

With fancy whips in the garage and a shark tank in his bedroom, Hendrix spits about the “Super Trapper” lifestyle in a luxurious mansion filled with lingerie-clad models, cash stacks, and smoke.

After kissing his bracelets and counting money, Future sends one of his girls to run errands with a duffel bag while other women tend to him back home.

“Super Trapper” is a standout from Future’s new self-titled album, which dropped last week.

“Getting inspired by my environment and making the most out of it, that’s basically what ‘Super Trapper’ is,” Hendrix told Beats 1, “taking the average person and making them a super hero.”

Aside from dropping a new album, Future has also been busy collaborating with Maroon 5 on “Cold” and gearing up for his upcoming “Nobody Safe Tour,” which will also feature Migos, Tory Lanez, and Kodak Black. The jaunt kicks off May 4 in Memphis.

Watch Future stunt in the video below.