Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Announces ‘TrapGod Tour’

For the first time in his 12-year career, Gucci Mane is going on tour.

The highly-anticipated “TrapGod Tour” is set to kick off April 5 in Boston. From there, it will hit cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Santa Ana, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, before coming to a close on May 6 in Austin, Texas.

“The #TrapGodTour is coming to a city near you,” Guwop wrote on Instagram. “#TheGreatestShowOnEarth where my Real Guccimane fans at brrrrrrrrrr it’s Gucciiiiiiiiiii!!!!!”

The #TrapGodTour is coming to a city near you #TheGreatestShowOnEarth where my Real Guccimane fans at brrrrrrrrrr it's Gucciiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

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Gucci spoke about his upcoming tour in a cover story for CR Men’s Book, which was published today. Speaking with Marilyn Manson, the Atlanta spitter said he’s excited for the forthcoming jaunt. “I’m a hell of a recording artist, but I want to be a better live performer,” he said. “This going to be my first time going on tour.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Guwop said his upcoming tour was inspired by an unexpected combination of artists. “I’ve been looking at Flaming Lips concerts and, I’m not saying I want to do it just like they did it, but I want people to feel like that when they come to my show,” he explained. “I just want it to be like a big party. I want people to sweat. I don’t want people to come trying to look all pretty. No, I want you to leave the concert wet as hell, like you’ve been working out for damn near an hour and a half.

“If I could mix anybody,” he added, “I would want to mix Jimi Hendrix, the Flaming Lips, and Liberace. I want to look like Liberace, just big diamonds, shining. But I want the production to be like the Lips. I want the crowd to feel that sweat, like Hendrix. That’s how I want it.”

Recently, Gucci launched 1017 Eskimo Records with the signing of Ralo. He also teased a Nicki Minaj collaboration and announced his upcoming album DropTopWop, which is expected this year.