Listen to Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonded’ Playlist

After hosting blonded Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 (with a little help from Jay Z), Frank Ocean took his talents to TIDAL, where he curated a 32-track playlist titled Blonded.

The eclectic collection mirrors the one that Ocean played on his Beats 1 show, including songs from Kodak Black (“Tunnel Vision”), Céline Dion (“All By Myself”), Migos (“Get Right Witcha”), and Prince (“Adore,” “When You Were Mine,” and “The Beautiful Ones”).

Of course, the Blonded playlist also features a few of Frank’s own songs, including “Nights,” “Pink + White,” “Self Control,” and “Slide,” his new collaboration with Calvin Harris and Migos.

Ocean’s Beats 1 program was highlighted by a Jay Z interview that surprised many listeners, given that it appeared on TIDAL’s rival, Apple Music. In the brief clips, Jigga praised Ocean while bashing modern radio conventions.

“Radio is pretty much an advertisement model,” he said. “You take these pop stations. They’re reaching 18-34 young white female, so they’re playing music based on those tastes. They’re taking those numbers and going to advertising agencies. People are paying numbers based on the audience they have. These places are not even based on music. Their playlists are not based on music. A person like Bob Marley, right now, probably wouldn’t play on the pop station, which is crazy. It’s not even about the DJ discovering what music is best.”

Stream Ocean’s Blonded playlist below.