Tyrese and wife

Tyrese Secretly Married on Valentine's Day

  /  03.01.2017

Tyrese says he’s a married man. The R&B crooner and acting powerhouse said “I Do” on Valentine’s Day, but didn’t reveal the news until Tuesday (Feb. 28), according to a couple Instagram posts.

The first of those is a wedding reception video montage, including glamorous shots of Tyrese and his lovely wife, who is not believed to be a known public figure. “On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, we said yes,” reads the couple’s joint statement. “They say ‘A happy wife equals a happy life.’ The best way to express your love towards this blessed union is to keep us covered in prayer.”


The video, which ends with a beachside sunset stroll, also features Brian Courtney Wilson’s “I’ll Just Say Yes” as its soundtrack. Under the clip, Tyrese included this caption: “Mark 10:8 And the two will become #OneFlesh. Mr & Mrs Gibson. #MyBlackQueen#GrownManSeason.”

A second post featured a closeup of the new Mrs. Gibson’s impressive ring. “So many people give a lot of power to ‘The Ring,'” he wrote. “As a man I had to wait till I truly truly felt like my WORDS and my FEET would walk in the same direction as my HEART. Not to worry I won’t be updating you guys on every detail and every aspect of our life….. We tried to keep this all a secret and it somehow got out there so we just wanted to share the blessed news ourselves……. Our way.”

Continuing the lengthy caption, Tyrese revealed that his new wife is “kind, classy,” and “sophisticated” with “multiple degrees.” He also added “grace” and “elegance” to her many attributes. “I got #MyBlackQueen,” he added. “I didn’t just marry her I married my daughters new example.”


In the post, Gibson also revealed that his pre-marital pastor was the famous Creflo Dollar, who offered advice that will help them carry this marriage out. “The future isn’t always promised but what’s certain is we’re all capable of making a commitment to wake up everyday and love someone the best way you can,” he wrote. “It’s quite simple………. it’s #GrownManSeason we feel the purity of Gods presence all over this union He’s walking with us so no weapons formed- this will last.”

Gibson has a 9-year-old daughter Shayla with his previous wife Norma Mitchell, whom he divorced in 2009.

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