Noah '40' Shebib and Drake

Drake's 'More Life' Not Yet Finished, Says Noah ‘40’ Shebib

  /  03.05.2017

Where’s Drake’s More Life? While some believed the project would arrive on Saturday (March 4) due to a Swedish message from Drizzy, producer Noah “40” Shebib has revealed that it’s not quite finished.

Promoting his “long time brother” Ziggy’s new Middle Eastern restaurant, the super-producer confirmed that he’s still working on More Life after all.

“Shout out my long time brother Ziggy who just opened his new place,” wrote Drizzy’s right-hand man. “Zig I’ll be there asap just got to finish More Life.”

On Friday (March 3), the 6 God appeared to hint at a March 4 release date with an Instagram post in Swedish that read “Om du över sätter det här är det försent,” which translates to: “If you’re reading/translating this, it’s too late.” However, that appeared to only be a shoutout to Stockholm, Sweden, where his “Boy Meets World Tour” was stopping on Saturday (March 4).

More Life is expected to arrive at some point soon. It was originally announced back in October of 2016 with a December release. However, it was later postponed to early 2017.

Last month, Drake revealed why the project would take the form of a playlist. “It’s just an evolution of the mixtape,” he added. “It was getting tough to be like, ‘I’m dropping a mixtape but it’s for sale on iTunes.’ It was like, ‘Oh, that’s your album.’ I didn’t want people to say this is my next album. Views was my album. This is something that, after Views, I was just inspired. I wanted to keep the music flowing.”

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