Remy Ma

Remy Ma on Nicki Minaj Diss: ‘I’m Not Particularly Proud of It’

After releasing “shETHER” and “Another One,” Remy Ma says she isn’t “particularly proud” of her Nicki Minaj disses. Speaking with the podcast “Another Round,” Reminisce explained why she feels the simmering feud has had a negative impact.

“I don’t regret it, but I’m not particularly proud of it.” she said. “I just think it’s crazy the way people celebrate women attacking each other as opposed to working together. As women, sometimes, we don’t see the value in us working together.”

In fact, Remy said that she wishes a collaboration would have been possible prior to the beef popping off. “It just bothers me that, this record [‘shETHER’] that I put out, where it’s literally picking apart a female, went so viral,” she added. “We could have done the same thing working together. I would have liked it so much better that way.”

Asked why the beef began and if they had an opportunity to collaborate beforehand, Remy said she wasn’t to blame. “It wasn’t me,” she explained. “You can’t force somebody to do something they don’t want to do. You know? Sometimes, I don’t know. I don’t really know. We’ve never had that conversation. Maybe one day, we’ll sit down and have that conversation. ‘Why didn’t we work together? What was the problem? Did you feel any type of way?’ I don’t know. I personally feel like it would have been so much cooler if … we came together and did something crazy.”

During an interview with Rap-Up last year, Remy spoke about her relationship with Nicki. “When I first came home and she called me, we were talking about working together and things like that,” she said. “I told her people are gonna try to pit us against each other any time I say I’m the best or that ain’t none of these bitches fuckin’ with me, they’re gonna think I’m throwing shots at her and vice versa. I told her ‘Don’t let the people get between us being the artists that we are.'”

Nicki previously revealed that she proposed a collaboration between herself, Remy, and Foxy Brown over a Diplo beat. “When we discussed it, she actually said, ‘Don’t tell anybody. It’s top secret.’ So the fact that she disclosed that information is beyond me,” Remy told Rap-Up at the time. “I don’t think that’s what people wanted to hear, that combination. That was just my personal decision so I didn’t want to do that. [Foxy Brown is] her friend so I can understand that, but I was gone for a long time. If you wanted to do a song with your friend, do a song with your friend. They could have did that song without me. I don’t understand what that was.”

Earlier today, Nicki insiders revealed that the Young Money rapper has no immediate plans to respond to Remy’s diss tracks, but it hasn’t been ruled out entirely.