DJ Premier and Miguel

Video: DJ Premier & Miguel - '2 Lovin U'

  /  03.13.2017

DJ Premier and Miguel celebrate love in the video for their “2 Lovin U” collaboration.

Performing at a warehouse together, Miguel and Preem light up the room—literally—as rays surround their singing and scratching. In between scenes, couples are shown embracing and kissing in the shadows and later, they are highlighted in a bright warehouse behind Miguel.

It’s a tribute to love that was originally meant for Wildheart. “He just started playing these guitar licks and I just started tapping the drum live,” Premier told “The Breakfast Club.” “I didn’t even know Miguel could play guitar. I said, ‘That’s good. Let me take that.’ Programmed it. He sits at his desk, records, Pro-Tools it. I was like, ‘Wow.’ He’s standing up, screaming and all that. I’m watching how he does it. The song gets done, but it never got to the process where we could put it out through RCA.”

A separate version of the track titled “damned” ended up on Wildheart, but Premier says this is the one he wanted to put out. With Miguel’s camp’s permission, he released it as part of his new label, To the Top.

“I have two labels,” he said. “I have Year Round Records, which has been out since 2004. It’s my street label. I only put out straight gutter, the way we want, I don’t care how old or young you are, if it’s dope to me, we’re putting it out. To the Top is a label I started with my manager. Shoutout to Ian Shwartzman. We started this label to house anything outside of my gutter stuff so that it stays in that lane.”

The work continues. Premier says he is slated to work on Christina Aguilera’s next album, which will follow their past Back to Basics collaborations.


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