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Kanye West Hoax Stirs New Album Rumors

A mysterious package sent to MTV News’ New York office seemed to indicate that a new Kanye West project was on the way. Yeezy’s camp and Def Jam have since denied its authenticity, making the presumed hoax all the more puzzling.

On Wednesday (March 15), the network’s office received a package containing NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab logo, a VHS tape titled “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and a white-on-white credit card that read: NASA, PROJECT-10, KANYE WEST, 8/10, and 772233688.

There was more. The tape apparently consisted of two hours worth of static. A website for the hoax (https://www.772233688.com) features a two-minute white noise clip and a date: March 20. Initially, this was believed to be a possible release date.

On March 15, a cardboard box addressed to me arrived at MTV News's New York office. Inside the box was another box bearing the logo of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Inside that box was a VHS tape labelled "E PLURIBUS UNUM"; a white credit card with Kanye West's name, the number 772233688, and the words NASA, PROJECT-10, and 8/10; and a tiny plastic case with what appears to be a pebble, also labeled PROJECT: 10. _ Naturally, we were skeptical at first, as this package, technically, could have come from anyone. Or is it…nothing? The options, as we see them, are below: _ A) This is a package from Kanye West, and it's meant to let us know that his forthcoming project, a.k.a. PROJECT 10, is either titled that or E PLURIBUS UNUM, or maybe SPACED OUT, and also it has an audio/visual component — and an intergalactic one, too. _ B) This is not a package from Kanye West, but it is a very convincing package that involves a bunch of space things and a credit card that probably took more than two seconds to make. It also violates copyright law, so points for the gutsiness, I guess. _ C) This is leftover viral marketing from Rings. _ D) This is the actual real-life sequel to Rings, we just don't know it yet, and I have seven days to live. _ I'd like to, y'know, live, so here's hoping PROJECT 10 is legit. If you know anything about this, please let us know? _ by Hilary Hughes

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But the package’s authentication has been discredited. JPL confirmed that they were not involved. “It’s not from us,” a rep told MTV News. “The NASA logo used on the box is an old logo retired in 1992.” Def Jam initially said it sounded “really weird and suspiciously like a hoax.” Eventually, they clarified, by saying they are not involved at all.

It’s still unclear who the package came from and what it may signify. For now, however, it seems like it was simply an elaborate hoax.

Nevertheless, the follow-up to The Life of Pablo could very well still be on the way. In January, a report claimed West was working on “surprise projects” and in 2016, he vowed to unleash three albums per year.