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New Music: Marquise Jackson feat. BMN – ‘I Ain’t With It’

Last month, 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson dropped his debut single “Different.” Now, the aspiring 20-year-old rapper returns with “I Ain’t With It,” the second track off his forthcoming mixtape Escape.

Premiering exclusively on Rap-Up, “I Ain’t With It” is a collaboration with BMN that finds Marquise rhyming about his motivation in the face of opportunity.

“I ain’t with it ‘less it’s making sense,” he raps. “Know how many times I’ma say it / I thought about it, made my decision / Ain’t no judging it, either / Opportunity knockin’, I gotta answer / Being broke, it ain’t fun, it just make you sadder / I’m motivated, my goal is to climb the ladder.”

Jackson makes it clear that he is embarking on his rap career without help from his estranged father. “No handouts,” he raps. “I do it on my own.”

In February, Marquise spoke with Rap-Up about Escape. “I’m really trying to escape from his shadow,” he said. “When people see me, they automatically think of my father. I never want it to feel like I’m filling somebody’s shoes or I’m not my own person rapping.”

Listen to “I Ain’t With It” below.