Trey Songz Gets Candid About Nicki Minaj, Drake, & Chris Brown on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Trey Songz opens up.

Hot off the release of his latest LP, Tremaine The Album, Trigga returned to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” for a very candid interview about his relationship with Drake and social media spat with Nicki Minaj.

Last month, Remy Ma claimed that the Queen of the Barbz had sex with her “Bottoms Up” co-star. Without realizing that Trey had already denied the allegations on Instagram, Nicki berated him on Twitter. “Real ni**az do real things,” she said. “I done gotchu 6 million plaques.”

During his latest Q&A, Trey was asked about the incident and whether he’s received an apology from Minaj. “She hasn’t [apologized] and Nicki, I love you,” he said. “What I want people to know is that Nicki said she gave me six plaques, but let’s keep it real. Nicki ain’t have shit before ‘Bottoms Up.’ Nicki had a single with Sean Garrett…Some kind of ‘Attack’ [the song was called ‘Massive Attack’]. After that, she did ‘Monster’ and then you can say that. All before that, it was looks, she hanging with Wayne. Who’s the wild girl with the wild hair? I love you, Nicki. I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you.

“I was definitely bothered by that,” he added. “But I’m not gonna disrespect her. I’m not gonna talk crazy about her. We got history. We’ve done amazing things together but I think she jumped the gun…You need to go research something before you talk.”

Nicki had the opportunity to address the situation recently. Both artists were Drake’s guests on the “Boy Meets World Tour” in London. But, that never came. “She’ll probably be mad about this, but y’all gotta realize,” he added, “I don’t really give a fuck about nothing.”

He said he was bothered by the interaction at first, in part because he went out of his way to deny Remy’s allegations. “Everybody think I hit Nicki Minaj even though I didn’t,” he added. “It don’t matter to me. It matter to her. I didn’t say it. I went out my way to say I didn’t and I don’t do that…I don’t feel the need to say nothing about a woman to promote my career — whether I been with her or not — and I don’t feel the need to denounce things when people say they are true. But because this was Nicki and because we do have a history, because I respect her, I went out my way to do that. What that got me? That’s why I don’t give no fucks.”

Going back to Nicki’s “six plaques” comment, Trigga added: “Tell her give me some more. Where you at? Post, post. My album [Tremaine] came out today. Post that, Nicki.”

See the full interview and read more highlights below, including Trey’s detailed talk about Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, and his legal woes.

On Drake feud: “We really were friends. We had personal issues that we never really spoke about. We still haven’t really all the way figured it out. There’s things we haven’t talked about that we should, as men, talk about. We’ve just been going our way, staying out of each other’s way. There’s never no bad blood. He’s never spoke down about me. I’ve never spoke down about him. But it’s obvious we haven’t made music and we’re not nowhere together.”

On whether Drake feud was Over a Girl: “Nah.”

On Drake’s Early Career: “I was proud of Drake. He called me when he started hanging around with Wayne. He used to sleep on the bus. Drake used to sing the Bobby Valentino song. The boy done worked hard. He used to go on tour and sing ‘ouwee ouwee ouwee.’ He used to sing that on tour with Wayne like a year before he had a verse on any song.”

On Recent Drake Collaborations: “We played music back and forth. We were actually supposed to make music, one for his album and one for mine. But we ain’t get the time to. He ended up going on tour. We actually have made music together at this point, so that’s the first step.”

On Recent Meek Mill Photo: “Meek ain’t like that I let [Nicki] say what she said and I still kept it resp…I was like, ‘Nah, it’s cool.’ We chopped it up for a minute. People don’t know that I know Meek. Just like Drake, I was the first person to put Meek on a stage and arena in Philadelphia…I was on Meek’s first album and mixtape. We had records together before him and Nicki were considered to be a thing. So, I was appalled that people would think that I would get together with Meek to do some kind of diss record against Nicki Minaj. I’m not even thinking about that in that respect.

On new collaborations with Meek: “We went to the studio and made five records. Ni**as ain’t talk about Nicki the whole time. I don’t think it was a good idea to take a picture and post it because I knew what the insinuation would be like but whatever, you want to take a picture, post it.”

On August Alsina: “August was talking crazy a couple of years ago and I ain’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight. I want to get some money…There’s other people who got problems with me that I ain’t even address. I don’t want to fight nobody. That don’t prove nothing.”

On R&B & hip-hop’s fusion: “I was the one that was not clean cut. I was the one with the braids. I was the one you’d see with my hair wild. I was the one you’d hear about on YouTube fighting. Chris Brown, clean-cut, dancing Double Mint commercial. Ne-Yo ‘So sick of love songs.’ Everybody had an image that was pristine. I wasn’t trying to be that…That wasn’t cool to be that, at that time. I think it’s more cooler to be that now, singing and rapping, the lifestyle has merged in a way that it wasn’t, at the time. R&B and hip-hop were still two different things, I think, in the beginning of my career.”

On Chris Brown’s early career: “Chris Brown danced, and he was 16, and light skinned, and he was working with Sean Garrett, the biggest songwriter at the time…’Run It’ was the record that made him a pop artist. So let me correct you, Envy. He did not cross over. He did R&B music up until the second or third album, when ‘Forever’ came out. But that’s not when he reached pop success. He had pop success before that.”

On Chris Brown & Soulja Boy: “If that would have happened with me, we would have handled that. Them too, Chris, too. Chris, Soulja Boy, that shit was corny.”

On Why He’s Never Tried ‘Pop’ Music: “Because I’m not a pop ni**a. That’s not me. I’m not gonna change my character. I wanted to stay me.”

On His Legal Woes: “I ain’t even supposed to talk about this but I’m gonna talk about it. I got charged with felonious assault on a police officer. They offered me a plea deal of probation. If it’s such a charge, felonious assault, why is it dropped to probation? … I didn’t do nothing. I didn’t touch nobody so I’m not gonna say I touched nobody. I’m not gonna go to jail or take two years probation where you come piss test me and violate my privacy for the court system to have my bread just because you want to play a joke on a rich black man. No.”