Treading Water

New Music: Syd – ‘Treading Water’

Fresh off the release of her solo debut Fin, Syd has unleashed “Treading Water,” a track that was left on the album’s cutting room floor.

The mellow song allows Syd to harmonize about a troublesome relationship gone awry over a familiar beat. “I’m in trouble now,” she sings. “I done fucked around with your heart / It’s a struggle now / Should have never messed with your love, sugar / Now the question is / Do I wanna sink or swim?”

“Treading Water” was produced by Steve Lacy and Ronald “Flip” Colson. The Internet songstress said it was her “favorite song on Fin” before it had to be cut.

Syd hasn’t given an official reason as to why the song was scrubbed from Fin’s playlist, but it’s likely due to the fact that the same instrumental was used on “Selfish” off Big Sean and Jhené Aiko’s collaborative album TWENTY88.

Asked why she had to cut her favorite song from the album, Syd simply answered: “Youll see.”