Danny Brown

Watch Danny Brown’s Jonah Hill-Directed Video for ‘Ain’t It Funny’

Danny Brown is out to show that tragedy is no laughing matter in the Jonah Hill-directed video for “Ain’t It Funny.”

The clip is shot like an ’80s sitcom, complete with a laugh track and an all-smiles intro. But it quickly shows that life isn’t all jokes. “I’m empty inside,” says Brown. “I’m fucked up and everyone thinks it’s a joke…I have a serious problem. Please stop laughing.”

Directed by Superbad actor Jonah Hill, “Ain’t It Funny” features Good Will Hunting and Milk director Gus Van Sant, “Growing Pains” actress Joanna Kerns, and Instagram celebrity Lauren Alice Avery. Meanwhile, Brown plays “Uncle Danny.”

The gruesome video also includes references to drug addiction as fans are shown laughing. “I’m glad you found my pain entertaining,” a bleeding Brown says in the end. “Goodbye.”

This isn’t the first time Jonah Hill has worked with rappers. He also starred in Get Him to the Greek with Diddy and in 21 Jump Street with Ice Cube.

“Aint It Funny” is a single off Atrocity Exhibition, which was released in September of 2016. Up next, Brown is set to perform at festivals including Boston Calling, Movement, and Governors Ball.

Watch “Ain’t It Funny” below.