Chris Brown and Hoody Baby

New Music: HoodyBaby feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, & Quavo - 'Flexing'

  /  03.29.2017

Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Gudda Gudda are “Flexing” with HoodyBaby on the Young Money rapper’s freshly-released mixtape Kitchen 24: Slangin Off Key.

Weezy kicks off the collaboration with raps about his game and his ongoing battle with a potential sex tape leaker. “I’m subtractin’ ratchets,” he rhymes. “I’m outchea doin’ math, bitch / You ratchet on your best day / Fuckin’ for a check face / Outchea leakin’ sex tapes / Why you tryna flex?”

Breezy handles the hook. “Tell me why would I sit up waiting on you?” he asks with his trademark crooning. “Tell me why would I be, when you flexin’.”

Quavo keeps the track going with a verse about his women and his past. “All of my bitches be bad / Fifty percent of ’em plastic,” he raps. “No, I’m not going out sad / Came from the fire like a dragon.”

Then, Hoody brings it home with a reference to his rides and the Wu-Tang Clan. “Got a Ghost and a Wraith, call me Ghost Wraith Killah / Call me Ghostface Killah, cash rules everythin’ around me / I was a real ni**a when you found me / I fuck ’em then I get ’em from around me.”

Hosted by DJ Drama, Kitchen 24: Slangin Off Key also features Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, and additional collaborations with Weezy.

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