New Music: Logic – ‘Everybody’

Logic was gone for a minute, but he’s back with a new song for “Everybody.” Hot off the announcement of his third album, the Visionary MC unleashes its socially-conscious title track.

Over hard-hitting drums and a vocal sample, Young Sinatra reflects on what it means to be biracial to him. “In my blood is the slave and the master,” he raps. “It’s like the devil playin’ spades with the pastor / But he was born with the white privilege / Man, what the fuck is that?”

Later, he adds: “Not accepted by the black or the white / I don’t give a fuck, praise God, I could see the light / Everybody talkin’ ’bout race this, race that / Man, I wish I could erase that, face facts.”

Logic spoke about the song’s significance during an interview with Genius. “I have to look in the mirror and see the man that I do, and know, that in my bloodline and in my lineage was the slave and the master,” he said. “And that’s what made me. That’s what created me. And it’s kind of fucked up to think about that but I’m not ashamed of who I am.”

According to him, the song is meant to be a call for peace. “The hook is just about unity,” he said. “I think we live in the era where some ignorant motherfucker can just be like, ‘What is this all lives matter shit?’ Fuck you mean, dog? Chill out with it. This is beautiful and I’m just here to say that.”

“Everybody” is the first single and title track off Logic’s third album, due May 5. The deluxe edition will come with a full-length documentary chronicling the making of the album. Pre-orders are available now.