Meek Mill

Meek Mill Previews New Music

Less than a year after dropping DC4, Meek Mill is prepping the highly-anticipated follow-up. Over the past few days, the MMG rapper has been teasing new material on Instagram.

“Put my heart and my soul into this project,” he captioned a recent photo. “This gone be my best work by far! All this shit brought the best out me and I love it! #wins&losses.”

Wins and losses are a theme on the first track that Meek previewed. “Any weapon formed against me shall not prosper,” he raps on the track. “Young ni**a started with Oodles of Noodles, now we eating lobster.”

Later on that same song, he adds: “Momma told me if you fall, never stay down / Stand up ni**a, I could never lay down / Wins and them losses / It comes with being bosses / Shoot a pussy ni**a in his head, if he cross us.”

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With that same fury and bounce, Meek attacks “cornballs” on a track that’s tentatively titled “Say Amen.” Here, he also raps about his preferred method of contraception.

“They all cornballs, they can’t stand me,” he raps. “I finesse her out them panties / I hit raw, dawg, give her Plan B.”

When the beat drop say AMEN!!!!! I've been on some shit patch….. new shit on the way!!!!!!

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MMG leader Rick Ross appears on another snippet. “It’s fight time, but it ain’t no celebrity boxing matches, baby,” says Rozay. “You touch Renzel, you’re going down.”

The Bawse also adds a verse. “All about the timing and I’m feeling so correct,” he raps. “Got all these diamonds, bitches say I seem possessed / You scared of violence so you gotta cut the check.”

Last year, Meek announced plans for DC4.5, which follows October’s DC4. However, it’s unclear if he still has plans to release that project or something entirely new.