Rick Ross Talks Seizures and 100-Lb. Weight Loss on 'Dr. Oz'

  /  04.05.2017

Back in 2011, Rick Ross suffered two seizures mid-air in less than 24 hours. That moment was a wake-up call and forced him to make some serious changes in his life, including shedding 100 pounds.

Six years later, the Bawse opened up about his life-saving regimen during an interview on “The Dr. Oz Show,” which airs Thursday (April 6). Sporting a zebra-print shirt and white pants, the Rather You Than Me MC explained how those seizures took place in such a short span.

“One day, I was on a flight and, I just remember my buddy coming to get me, like, ‘Get up, homie, you just had a seizure. Let’s go. We got to get off the plane,'” he recalled. “And I’m like, ‘No… I don’t feel like I had one.’ So I actually got on the phone, called my private jet guy, 45 minutes later, after getting off a commercial flight, I was aboard in a private plane. I boarded a private plane. An hour into the flight, soon as I fell asleep, I had another seizure.”


This turned into a critical health issue for Ross and eventually helped him transform his lifestyle. “I woke up maybe two or three days later in the hospital, my mother by my side,” he said. “It’s a real bad sign when you wake up and she there and you know, she batting her eyes and…that’s the worst thing for me is to have my mom with that look on her face. So, that made me feel even worse. I just woke up to a new reality… a reality where my lifestyle, me sleeping three hours a night, me eating T-bone steaks [at] 3 in the morning…caught up with me and…my body couldn’t take it anymore.”

His eating habits are much different now, he says. “I remember going on tour and I would be going to places that I couldn’t even pronounce and their lifestyle and their way of eating was totally different from us,” he said. “I didn’t even want anything other than…some water and I found something overseas that I could enjoy: pears.”

In 2011, Ross also said a lack of sleep contributed to those health issues. “Understand me growing up and hearing about seizures, they can be violent, you bust vessels, you bite your tongue, and in my case, it wasn’t none of that,” he told “106 & Park” at the time. “I felt a little wore out, but I felt like I could keep going and that’s what it was. I boarded a jet and I had another seizure, and when I snapped out of that one, I woke up in front of a doctor. He actually said, ‘When was the last time you slept eight hours?’ And I said, ‘Man, it had to be at least five years.'”

Rozay, who struck a plea deal in his kidnapping case yesterday, has just released Rather You Than Me and is now working on his next album, Port of Miami II: Born to Kill, as well as an independent film with Gucci Mane.


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