New Music: Frank Ocean feat. Jay Z & Tyler, the Creator - 'Biking'

  /  04.08.2017

Surprise! In an unexpected move that came with very little warning, Frank Ocean taps Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator for “Biking,” a brand new collaboration that debuted on the third episode of blonded Radio on Friday (April 7).

Hov sets the table on the track, kicking things off with rhymes about bikes, ice, and the circle of life. “Life goes in cycles,” he raps. “What comes around goes around / So before it goes down / Get you some icicles.”

The theme carries on. After Jigga calls himself “E.T. on the handles,” Frank delivers a memorable hook that also references biking and jewelry. “I’m bikin’ these blocks,” he sings. “Since Ben Baller sold all his ice up at Slauson / I’m bikin’ uphill and it’s burnin’ my quads / I’m bikin’ downhill and it sound like a fishin’ rod / Savage, I’m bikin’.”

Finally, Tyler, the Creator adds some bike and ice-related bars of his own. “Nobody fuckin’ with me,” he raps. “My accolades hang from my neck / Pedal, I drown in the heat / My sapphires drown in my sweat.”

Frank and his Odd Future compadre Tyler have worked together on past tracks like “She,” “Window,” “Analog 2,” and “Slater.” Meanwhile, Hov and Ocean have teamed up on “No Church in the Wild,” “Made in America,” and “Oceans.”

Jigga also appeared on the premiere episode of blonded Radio back in February, where he blasted modern radio for its lack of innovation.

Meanwhile, Ocean used his second blonded Radio episode to premiere the remix to “Chanel” featuring A$AP Rocky.

Frank teased the song on his website and announced the third episode of blonded Radio. About one hour later, “Biking” dropped on the show. Listen to the unexpected superstar collaboration below.

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