Watch Desiigner's Hilarious Animal Impressions

  /  04.10.2017

Desiigner rose to fame thanks to “Panda,” but he’s not afraid to show love to other animals.

During a game of Heads Up! with San Francisco radio station KMEL, Tiimmy Turner was asked to act out or describe several animals to host Shay Diddy. He opted for acting and proceeded to show off his hilarious impressions of a crab, mule, seahorse, and turkey.

But perhaps Desiigner’s most dedicated performance came when he was asked to act as a woodpecker. He did this by smacking his head repeatedly with a microphone until Shay recognized the animal.

When it was his turn to guess, Desiigner got cockroach, caterpillar, and falcon correct. But it didn’t matter much because he called it a draw anyway. “We tried,” he said. “We both win.” Then he pointed an imaginary gun at the camera and performed his trademark gunshot ad-libs.

Desiigner is coming off the release of three new singles, including “Holy Ghost,” “Thank God I Got It,” and the Juicy J-produced “Up.” He’s currently on the “Outlet Tour,” which arrives in Los Angeles this evening. The trek continues through May 16 in Toronto.

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