Kissing Strangers

New Music: DNCE feat. Nicki Minaj - 'Kissing Strangers'

  /  04.13.2017

DNCE and Nicki Minaj are “Kissing” and telling on their new collaboration.

The dance floor-ready jam finds DNCE frontman Joe Jonas in search of love. “Kissing strangers ’til I find someone I love,” sings Jonas. “Kissing strangers ’til I find someone I trust.”

Fresh off Major Lazer’s “Run Up” video, Nicki finds herself in a flirtatious mode. “I got a boy that I kinda like,” she raps on her playful verse. “This is a kiss-kiss-tongue-him-down kind of night / He got that uhm-uhm hard, got that China white / He got that bomb, I think I’ma call him dynamite.”

Get ready for the song to come to life. The Western-themed music video, which Nicki teased earlier this week, is set to drop soon.

In the meantime, listen to “Kissing Strangers” below.

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