Strip Club

New Music: 24hrs feat. Juicy J - '24hr Strip Club'

  /  04.16.2017

24Hrs and Juicy J head to the “24hr Strip Club” for their latest collaboration, an Auto-Tuned jam about pole dancing and more.

“I’ve been dreaming ’bout the strip club,” sings 24 on the hook. “A 24-hour strip club / Where the kitchen don’t close and they always got ones.”

But while 24 dreams about a gentleman’s club, Juicy J is busy with a woman who has children. Begrudgingly, he does what it takes to end the night with this beauty.

“Pop a pill, I’m at it all night,” he brags. “Higher than a redeye flight / And I don’t take care of no kids, if you got good head, I might / I might just take your whole crew to the mall / Tell them lil’ ni**as to buy what they want / And put they little badass in the bed early / And come in this room, I’ma break that ass off.”

The James Royo-produced “24Hr Strip Club” arrives ahead of 24Hrs’ upcoming “Night Shift Tour,” which kicks off May 8. Head over to the “24Hr Strip Club” below.

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