Video: Zedd feat. Alessia Cara – ‘Stay’

Alessia Cara and Zedd go on a cinematic adventure that bends time and space like Inception in the Tim Mattia-directed video for their hypnotic collaboration, “Stay.”

Waking up in separate rooms of the same motel, the musical duo shows just how one moment can change a life. In one instance, Zedd is unable to enter the elevator that Alessia is in, and the two go on to have days alone.

But in another version of the day’s events, Zedd slides into the elevator just in time. Then, the two proceed to have a phenomenal day together, having fun at a diner and then at the beach.

Sadly, there’s more to the story. Just as a moment can change everything for good, a simple move can make things tragic too. In another version of events, Zedd is killed after a car crashes into him, leaving Alessia in tears.

Earlier this year, Zedd spoke about why this collaboration made so much sense. “I think this song is right in the middle between where Alessia is musically and where I am and that’s what’s so exciting about it,” he explained. “I’ve been trying to knock down barriers around music genres and this is another step for me to walk towards a musical future where I can create any genre I want without people putting me in a box.”

Released in February, “Stay” is currently No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.