Mic Jack

New Music: Big Boi feat. Adam Levine - 'Mic Jack'

  /  04.20.2017

Big Boi just announced his Boomiverse LP and released its “Kill Jill” single with Killer Mike and Jeezy, but he isn’t done dropping new music. On Thursday (Apr. 20), Daddy Fat Saxxx unleashed his Adam Levine collaboration, “Mic Jack.”

From the outset, it’s clear that the DJ Dahi-produced “Mic Jack” is a tribute of sorts to Michael Jackson with its name, its beat, and its MJ-like screams in the background. But it’s also clearly a nod to the classic OutKast track “SpottiOttieDopaliscious.”

“Ni**as still ain’t fuckin’ with Hollywood Court,” raps General Patton. “But stay fuckin’ wit’ ya boi like the Hollywood dope / Everything Big, no comin’ up short / Jack the buzzer beater up, all net, half court.”

The line is reminiscent of the aforementioned Sleepy Brown-assisted slapper off Aquemini, in which André 3000 says: “It’s only about 3 a.m. and three ni**as just done got hauled off in the ambulance, two ni**as done start bustin’, and one ni**a done took his shirt off talkin’ ’bout, ‘Now who else wanna fuck with Hollywood Court?’ It’s just my interpretation of the situation.”

The Maroon 5 frontman lends a hand, offering a melodic hook with robotic effects. “You’re hotter than July,” he sings. “Super colder than December / You got me dancing / The dance floor tells no lies / Give them something to remember / You got me dancing.”

Daddy Fat Saxxx will be “dancing” his way onto “The Tonight Show” on April 24, where he will perform “Mic Jack” for the first time. Meanwhile, Boomiverse is set to drop in June.

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