Mila J

Video: Mila J – ‘New Crib’

Mila J has a “New Crib.”

The singer’s latest self-directed video opens with an artistic shot of Mila with her hair stretched in different directions. From this intimate intro, we watch her pack several moving boxes on her way to her “New Crib.”

“Love should never hurt,” she sings, while looking at an old photograph. “Take it back, you know I would / Through thick and thin, it was all good / You were my ni**a / Now I’m missing you.”

From there, Mila shows off her dancing skills with a choreographed routine. Joined by two dancers, she throws on a baggy denim jumpsuit and Timbs to break it down.

“New Crib” is a single off Dopamine, which dropped earlier this month. The 14-track project was based on Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession.

“It really broke down how our brain reacts to music, what’s released when we hear a song, and why we like certain music,” she said. “Dopamine is that chemical that’s released when things just feel good. It is that favorite song and that favorite band, and, I just feel very happy and very free.”

Check out Mila’s “New Crib” below.