Kendrick Lamar and The Game

The Game Praises Kendrick Lamar: ‘Real Rap Still Exists’

Drake isn’t the only one celebrating Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Fellow Compton MC The Game also has a message for Kung Fu Kenny.

Taking to Instagram, Chuck Taylor showered praise upon K-Dot’s latest album DAMN., which is currently No. 1 on the Billboard 200 for a second week in a row.

“this album is a DOPE AS FUCK blood !!! & it’s the Lil homie’s 3rd LP,” wrote Game. “if you are a true fan of HIP HOP, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have @kendricklamar shit by now…… FUCK YOU, that’s on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids…. my lil ni**a raw as fuck & it been that way…. Dot I’m proud of you blood.”

After saying that he “studied” the album and that he’s “proud” of Kendrick, Chuck went on to explain why Lamar’s success means so much to him as a fellow Compton representer.

“K-Dot, you know where we from & what it took for ni**as like us to not only make it out the HUB alive but to achieve greatness on the same accord is nothing short of a blessing,” he added. “this shit got me beyond motivated.. glad REAL RAP still exist…. no disrespect to you sucka ni**as… but fuck y’all, you can’t rap & ya mama know you ain’t shit….. this COMPTON Shit ain’t never been for play…”

The Hub City MC ended his caption with a series of hashtags, including #PacWouldBeProud and #LosAngelesKing.

Game, who’s currently on house arrest, is prepping his next and possibly final album, Westside Story. According to a hashtag, #TheSummerIsMine, it looks like the album may drop in time for the hottest season of the year.

Kendrick and Game have some history together. In 2012, K-Dot rapped about how Chuck influenced him on “Black Boy Fly.”

“It’s 2004 and I’m hearing the people roar / For the name of The Game, they line in front of the store,” he raps. “Swap meets, selling out mixtapes, I’m like, ‘Oh shit, wait / Don’t wanna be another ni**a stuck regretting mistakes’ / Mixed feelings was my opinion, I was defending my insecurities … Compton made you believe success wasn’t real / Be honest, none of us knew of a record deal / So as I peel through these lottery tickets / I see a Harley Davidson truck visit / The same plaza we shopped / A tall ni**a hopped out with Jordans and a white tank top / He was top of the rap game, we was the top of the block / So watch that black boy fly.”

Since then, Kendrick and Game have collaborated on tracks like “The City” and “On Me.”