Big Sean

Video: Big Sean - 'Jump Out the Window'

  /  05.08.2017

Big Sean turns into Super Mario in the animated video for “Jump Out the Window,” the latest release off his I Decided. album.

Directed by Lawrence Lamont, the clip begins with Sean finding that his girl has been zapped into another dimension. To find her, he’s forced to jump into a Super Nintendo-like world full of challenges.

As a 16-bit character, Sean Mario runs through obstacles to find the princess, who’s been kidnapped by a Bowser-like character. Sean is forced to race go-karts — a la “Mario Kart” — and even go underwater before finally saving the princess for 100 bonus points.

Last night, Sean performed his new single live at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Plus, he debuted another I Decided. video, for the Jeremih-assisted “Light,” last week.

Grab a controller and jump into Super NES nostalgia with Sean Don.

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