Kehlani Breaks Down on Stage, Cancels Concert

  /  05.09.2017

Kehlani’s health is a cause for concern once again. The SweetSexySavage singer, who was hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt last year, broke into tears at a Grand Rapids show on Monday (May 8), where she explained why she couldn’t perform.

“I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy,” she said. “I’m so sorry, but I came up here and I promised my team that I would try…If you need to be refunded, I’ll take it out of my pocket and reschedule. I put that on everything. We’ll make this show happen again, but I need to go do something about this because I feel crazy.”

Given her 2016 stint in the hospital, many wondered if this was another bout with mental health complications. But Kehlani seemed to downplay those worries on Instagram shortly after.

“thank you for the wishes,” she wrote. “still very much sick but going to get as much rest as I can today. Good news: the promoter from the show is letting us reschedule as early as top of next month, thank you really, it was really hard to get up and do that last night but I wanted to at least try. I love you Grand Rapids, I’ll be back and with a very special show.”

When reports of a perceived “mental breakdown” surfaced, Kehlani also shared a video, saying that she felt “fucking fantastic.”

“not sure why blogs are reporting that I had a mental breakdown but mentally I’m fucking fantastic lol,” she wrote in the caption. “physically tour is EXHAUSTING and people get sick all the time. Please be aware what you spread in regards to mental health; that can be really detrimental. I love you guys! Speak only what you know.”

Health complications have come from different sources for Kehlani. Earlier this year, the “Gangsta” songstress had to postpone shows due to a hernia.

Since her apparent suicide attempt in March of last year, Kehlani has been a suicide prevention advocate. “It’s something that so many young people are dealing with,” she said last year. “So many young people just slip under the rug to things like depression and severe anxiety and many disorders that people know nothing about.”

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