Watch D∆WN’s 3D Video for ‘Lazarus’ + ‘Love Under Lights’

D∆WN continues her innovative music video streak with another visual experience. This time, she does it with a 3D video for “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights.”

“Lazarus” finds Dawn Richard looking gorgeous in knee-high socks, a crop top shirt, and lingerie undershorts. Revealing her sculpted physique, the former Danity Kane star shows off impressive moves and even some tap dancing skills.

The video is surrounded by a beautiful and artistic frame, which changes colors depending on the click of a mouse. This is accentuated in “Love Under Lights,” which is a technological marvel, with animated 3D images that shift and morph along with the rhythm.

As a whole, the dual video was directed by Monty Marsh and features work by digital artists Sam Rolfes and Isaac Cohen. According to Dawn, it was created to bring out each song’s powerful meanings.

“‘Lazarus’ is about the rebirth and rise of my movement,” she told Highsnobiety. “So many times the underdogs get slept on and overstepped. ‘Lazarus’ speaks to those who get overlooked. ‘Love Under Lights’ is about loving without prejudice. The verses speak on straight relationships, same sex relationships and self love. It’s about loving out loud instead of hidden in the dark or secretly because of society’s opinion.”

D∆WN’s work continues. Tonight, she will perform on “The Tonight Show” with The Dirty Projectors, Tyondai Braxton, and The Roots. After that, she is set to kick off her “Redemption Tour” in Detroit on July 13.