All Around the World

New Music: Mura Masa feat. Desiigner - 'All Around the World'

  /  05.16.2017

After dropping three new tracks last month, Desiigner goes “All Around the World” with Mura Masa on a style clash collaboration.

Blending electronic music with trap, Mura provides a soundscape for the “Panda” hitmaker to sing, rap, and ad-lib freely.

“This goes for all around the world,” sings Desiigner. “‘Til the world is gone / This goes all around the world / So we carry on.”

“All Around the World” follows the Charli XCX-assisted “1 Night” and “Love$ick” featuring A$AP Rocky off Mura’s forthcoming self-titled album.

“I figured it was more productive for me to take the role of curator, rather than trying to steer the artists any particular way with lyrics,” Masa told Billboard. “I just let them speak about what they wanted to speak about. With A$AP Rocky, for example, he heard [‘Love$ick’], and it reminded him of being in Ibiza every summer, love lost, those sorts of things. [For me], it’s just about placing them in the appropriate position on the album and picking the correct collaborations to build a patchwork of what I wanted to say.”

Mura Masa is due July 14.

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