Vince Staples

Video: Vince Staples feat. Juicy J – ‘Big Fish’

Before he drops his sophomore album Big Fish Theory next month, Vince Staples makes a splash in the video for his Juicy J-assisted single “Big Fish.”

Directed by David Helman, who’s worked with Travis Scott and The Weeknd in the past, “Big Fish” finds Vince sitting on a sinking boat, reflecting on his come up.

“I was up late night ballin’,” he raps. “So far from my past misfortune / No sleepin’, late nights, no eatin’ / Gun squeezing, I’m a real Artesian.”

As Vince shouts out Artesia Boulevard, sharks swim around him in the video. Those scenes blend well with visuals of a fish, who’s escaped a small fishbowl and entered the sea.

Once night falls, Staples continues to reminisce on the sinking boat while stranded at sea. “It’s funny, I was going crazy not too long ago,” raps Vince, still on the boat. “Women problems every morning like the Maury show / Swimming upstream while I’m tryin’ to keep my bread / From the sharks, make me wanna put the hammer to my head.”

Despite shooting his flare gun, it seems Vince might not have made it. As the clip closes, it looks like he winds up floating underwater, with a big fish beside him.

Staples’ sophomore album Big Fish Theory — which follows 2015’s Summertime ’06 — is due June 23 via Blacksmith/Def Jam.