Blac Youngsta Unleashes Young Dolph Diss Track 'Birthday'

  /  05.19.2017

After being arrested in connection with the shooting of Young Dolph’s car earlier this week, Blac Youngsta raps about the case on his latest release, “Birthday.”

Produced by Tay Keith, the hard-hitting track allows Youngsta to rhyme about Dolph’s bulletproof ride, which was reportedly shot more than 100 times during CIAA Weekend in Charlotte back in February.

“You’re the only ni**a come to CIAA with a bulletproof truck, scared for your life,” raps Youngsta. “How you gon’ go and shoot your own truck up and play dead for the night / And then press charges on me, and tell the police I did that shit / Now, the feds say that I’m a menace / This for all the young ni**as innocent, I’m innocent.”

Earlier this week, Youngsta — real name Sammie Benson — and two other men were arrested in connection with the incident. A warrant for their arrest was issued after a van, said to be involved in the shooting, was found.

Youngsta’s attorney said the van was rented out by Benson, but was later stolen. Meanwhile, the rapper responded to the allegations by denying all involvement. “I ain’t fire nothing, I don’t know nothing, I didn’t see nothing, I didn’t do nothing,” Blac said, before adding: “Obviously somebody’s ratting, somebody snitching.”

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