Wiz Khalifa Drops ‘Weedmix’ to Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’

Wiz Khalifa keeps the weedmixes rollin’. After revamping Drake’s “Passionfruit” as “Passit” and SahBabii’s “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” as “Pull Up with a Zip,” the Taylor Gang boss remixes Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” into “Stay Stoned.”

While the song maintains its laid-back vibe, Mister Cap get aggressive with his bars. “Most of these ni**as is hoes, do anything for status,” he raps. “No real talent, just part of an Instagram challenge / Ni**as is squares, a movie cast full of bad actors / Don’t let the media fool you, these ni**as movin’ backwards.”

Elsewhere on the track, Wiz reflects on the death of his sister, Dorien “La La” Thomaz, who was assigned male at birth. “Lost my brother this year, one thing it taught me, though / Is that I’m built to win, no matter the obstacle,” raps Khalifa. “Make sure my team is in order, still got more crops to grow / 3 million on settlements, but God got me, though.”

From the jump, Wiz makes his intentions with this Weedmix clear. “You gotta smoke one to this,” he says at the start of the track. “You gotta light one. If you don’t, it’s cool, but if you do, you’re way cooler.” And if that didn’t send a message, the hook certainly does: “I stay stoned, ’cause weed is legal / Let’s get higher, up to the ceiling.”

Wiz is working on Rolling Papers 2, but for now, “Stay Stoned” with the Taylor Gang boss.