Video: Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd – ‘Lust for Life’

Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd go to Hollywood. After surpassing 1 billion views with “Starboy,” the XO boss joins the pop starlet in the dreamy video for “Lust for Life.”

Opening with stars inside of Lana’s left eye, the grainy clip shows Del Rey singing and dancing in what looks like a retro variety show. Soon, however, she escapes this world to literally “climb up the H of the Hollywood sign.”

Once she reaches the top of the H, Abel Tesfaye is there to lend a hand. Then, the duo dances tenderly on the landmark, as the City of Angels shines brightly through the night. Later, they cuddle together, watching the sea of bright lights below them and a kite made out of ribbons above them.

“We’re the masters of our own fate,” sings The Weeknd. “We’re the captains of our own souls.” With that, Lana jumps across each letter on the Hollywood sign with Abel in tow. Once they reach the end, the duo slides down the landmark’s D and falls into a bed of wildflowers. When the camera pans out, it reveals a peace sign made out of the globe’s lights, adding a touch of symbolism to the finale.

“Lust for Life” is the title track off Lana’s fifth studio album, which is due this year.