The Weeknd and Bryson Tiller


The Weeknd Inspires Bryson Tiller's Musical Growth

  /  05.31.2017

Bryson Tiller is ready to make a change.

Hot off the release of his sophomore album True to Self, Pen Griffey reveals that he’s looking forward to moving past heartbreak on his next release.

“Now I feel like I wanna make, not necessarily upbeat pop music, [but] less about breakups and doing somebody wrong,” he told Billboard. “Being cheated on and cheating. You know what I’m saying? Just making music about how a woman makes me feel.”

Oftentimes, change can lead to criticism. Pen Affleck is aware of that, but says he hopes his die-hards stand by his side through the transition, much like The Weeknd’s base watched him become Starboy.

“I think about that all the time,” said Tiller, who toured with The Weeknd through Europe. “I don’t know. I just think fans gotta let their favorite artist grow. Just stick it out with them. I always use the example of The Weeknd. He used to make dark, mysterious music that was excellent. The Trilogy; everybody loved it. Now, he’s Starboy. There may be fans that are upset about that but he’s Starboy now. You gotta let your favorite artist grow and be great.”

So far, Tiller’s fans are riding with him. Last week, he released his sophomore album a month early and it is now expected to top the Billboard 200, marking his best opening yet. Bryson’s debut, Trapsoul, peaked at No. 8.

Up next, the Louisville Slugger is headed out on the “Set It Off Tour” from Aug. 3 through Sept. 16.

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