New Music: Ice Cube - 'Good Cop Bad Cop'

  /  06.06.2017

Nearly 30 years after dropping “F**k tha Police,” Ice Cube unleashes another message to law enforcement with “Good Cop Bad Cop,” the latest single off Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary Edition.

Over a hard-hitting beat with blaring horns, the Don Mega unloads a flurry of lyrics about crooked cops and their negative impact.

“Fuck a black and white when they ain’t actin’ right,” he raps. “Good cop, good cop fillin’ out your report / Bad cop asking you to distort / Bad cop asking you to lie in court / Send another young brother up north / Send another young sister off course / While these motherfuckers chill on the golf course.”

Speaking to Beats 1, the N.W.A legend said he continues to make music for the underrepresented. “When it comes to records, I just think you gotta be a voice for the voiceless,” he explained. “That’s what it’s about.”

This was also likely the ethos for his classic Death Certificate LP, which is set for a 25th anniversary re-release June 9. The album was largely inspired by the Rodney King beating and the uprisings that followed.

Today, Cube says many of the album’s themes are still relevant. “Sadly, our community is dealing with many of the same issues,” he explained. “I only hope that young millennials feeling powerless in the ‘hood can channel their own anger and frustration by listening to this record.”

“Good Cop Bad Cop” is one of three new songs on the upcoming re-release. It accompanies “Dominate the Weak” and the previously-released “Only One Me.” Listen to the potent “Good Cop Bad Cop” below.


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