T-Pain Helps High Schooler with Yearbook Quote

T-Pain continues to inspire his fans.

In December of 2016, a high schooler named Gabriel Silvan asked the Auto-Tune expert to give him a senior quote. Teddy P obliged, offering a line that’s often attributed to former Major League Baseball player Oscar Gamble: “people don’t think it be like it be, but it do.”

Months passed, but this week, Silvan confirmed that the quote actually made his yearbook with a photo that attributes the frequently-memed line to T-Pain.

Flattered, T-Pain shared the news with his followers. “Man. This. This is the kind of shit I live for,” he tweeted. “you did it bro. Killed it. Good job man…slow clap*.”

Silvan replied: “I FUCKING LOVE YOU DUDE”


When he’s not inspiring yearbook quotes, T-Pain has been working on new music. This week, he released the video for his Young M.A. collaboration “F.B.G.M.,” which is set to appear on his upcoming project OBLiViON.