New Music: Fabolous feat. PnB Rock - 'Stacks Up'

  /  06.28.2017

Fabolous and PnB Rock are ready to blow a bag on their money-making anthem “Stacks Up.”

Released in partnership with Magnum, PnB harmonizes freely over RubiRosa’s production. “I just hit the mall, I just blew another bag,” he brags. “I can’t count it all, I got way too much to add / It just keep on stacking up, I got the Mag.”

Meanwhile, Loso drops some of his patented punchlines about Kylie Jenner and Batman. “Have you ever, ever seen a focus switch,” he asks. “Like you went to sleep broke, but you woke up rich / Like you pulled up in a foreign to some local shit / And make them ni**as go crazy on some Joker shit / I said shout my Harley Quinns, lookin’ like Kylie Jens.”

While F-A-B-O recently collaborated with The-Dream on “Summer Body,” PnB is celebrating his XXL Freshman placement.

Last week, Rock debuted his XXL Freshman freestyle, which included portions of his life story. The freestyle covered childhood trauma, family turmoil, and personal tribulations. “Last year, I was locked up,” he raps in the clip. “I was in a cell / This year, know I’m on charts, I’ma give ’em hell.”

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