JAY-Z and Damian Marley

Video: JAY-Z feat. Damian Marley – ‘BAM’

After sharing videos for “The Story of O.J.” and “4:44,” JAY-Z heads to Kingston, Jamaica for the compelling, documentary-like visual for “BAM.”

The latest 4:44 clip acts as a guided tour through Kingston, led by Damian Marley, who is featured on the track. Viewers are allowed to see the splendor of Jamaica, as children play soccer and women nurture their children.

But the visual for “BAM” also uses unconventional techniques, making for a unique look at the reggae-inspired single. It goes from the in-studio version of the track into a live a cappella. It also features some intriguing commentary from a contemplative Hov.

“The prophets, in the beginning, were musicians,” he explains while walking around with Marley. “They were poets, writers. That’s what we’ve been tasked with in this life. It’s actually kind of humbling.” Later, he adds: “We’re all vessels. We’re whistles. The wind goes through us. We make the noise.”

Damian also provides some insight into the way that music and enrichment is encouraged in Kingston. “The way that the community is built,” he said, “If you notice, the rooms surround a courtyard setting. The courtyard setting would be where a lot of the music was made. All of those things encouraged an environment of learning and music.”

Sister Nancy, who is sampled on the record, also appears in the video. She speaks with Hov about her work, noting that her classic “Bam Bam” was freestyled, a technique that Jigga is known for utilizing, too. “That must feel good,” the Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee says, “to make something so timeless.”