Lil Wayne

Listen to Lil Wayne's 'Carter III' Leftover 'Dinnertime'

  /  07.17.2017

Bon appétit, Lil Wayne fans. While the rapper’s long-awaited album Tha Carter V remains tangled in legal webs, a previously-unreleased Carter III leftover has been served up online.

The unvaulted track “Dinnertime” finds Weezy rhyming about his status in the game, while making crunching sounds in the background, as if he’s eating up MCs. “Rappers call on me ’cause I’m the best rapper rappin’,” he rhymes. “Rappers, you can call me the best rapper rappin’ / I’ma dog, I’ma beast / I’ma feast.”

Originally slated to appear on Tha Carter III, the song never saw the light of day until now. But back in 2008, the track was discussed in a Blender cover story on Tunechi.

“The track is called ‘Dinnertime’, in which Wayne compares other rappers to food and then eats them, chewing noises included,” reads the article. “Faced with his prodigious skills, he stutter-steps around the room, headbanging with increasing violence. ‘I’m too sick’ he says, revving himself up. ‘Too sick! I don’t even wanna listen to my own shit, because it makes me want to kill somebody!’ The moment the song ends, Wayne bellows at no one in particular: ‘Fuck yo’ favorite rapper!’ He tells Deezle to dial up another track and reiterates his point, stomping his Nikes to emphasize each syllable: ‘FUCK! YO’! FAV! OR! ITE! RAP! PER!'”

Earlier this month, Weezy accused Cash Money and Universal of withholding Young Money profits and he is still suing Birdman and his longtime label for $51 million. As a result, his long-awaited Carter V LP remains unreleased.

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