Drake Says 'Degrassi' Checks Are 'Still Coming In'

  /  07.18.2017

Drake is still raking in “Degrassi” money.

The 6 God is one of the highest-paid celebrities, but his money doesn’t just come from music. In fact, he’s just revealed that a surprising amount of that dough comes from “Degrassi.”

Taking to Instagram, Drizzy shared a photo from a check that he says came from the Canadian television show that he starred in before his hip-hop success. “Degrassi money still coming in,” he captioned the photo. “don’t sleeeeeeeep.”

The check amount was for a whopping $8.25.


Drake starred as Jimmy Brooks in “Degrassi: The Next Generation” from 2001 through 2005. During that time, Drizzy honed his rap skills and eventually left the show to pursue a career in hip-hop.

That turned out to be a lucrative move. Billboard recently named Drake No. 4 on its “Top 50 Money Makers of 2016” list. According to the report, Drizzy earned a total of $37.3 million, counting sales, publishing, streaming, and touring.

The rapper isn’t leaving his on-screen roots behind. In 2015, he reunited with his “Degrassi” cast and said that he isn’t abandoning the acting world. “I can’t wait to get back into acting,” he said. “No one ever asks me to do movies, and, although music is my focal point now, I’d love to do a film. That was the life that I lived before, and it would be interesting to live it again.”

Expect more soon. In April, Drake announced that he is set to star in the British drama “Top Boy.”

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