Meek Mill

Watch Chapter 2 of Meek Mill's 'Wins & Losses' Movie

  /  07.18.2017

Just one day after dropping Part 1 of his Wins & Losses film, Meek Mill delivers Chapter 2. This one takes place “earlier that day,” just before the first episode’s hospital scene.

The visual opens with a murderous plot, as four men map out their drive-by mission. “Hey ni**a, fuck you lookin’ nervous for?” one man asks another. “You alright?” The other man responds defiantly: “Fuck you mean, I’m nervous? Man, I’m ’bout to murder shit. I’m killin’ anything movin’.”

From there, we see the woman who gave birth in Chapter 1 and the young man who was frantically running through the hospital. They’re with loved ones while the young lady’s water breaks. But this scene is juxtaposed by the next, when a shootout breaks out nearby.

As Meek Mill stands on a corner rapping and freestyling, a firefight is unleashed. The men who were plotting the drive-by are thwarted, but not before killing or wounding many of their targets. The young man from Chapter 1 plays dead on the ground, before rushing to the hospital. The man who was dying from a bullet wound to the head in Chapter 1 is revealed to be part of that firefight.

Rolled out in various chapters, this Spike Jordan-directed film is inspired by Meek’s latest album, Wins & Losses, which is due Friday (July 21) with appearances by Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Young Thug, Quavo, and Teyana Taylor.

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