Meek Mill

Watch Chapter 3 of Meek Mill's 'Wins & Losses' Movie

  /  07.19.2017

The saga continues.

Meek Mill unleashes the third installment of Wins & Losses (The Movie), a new series of connected clips that are being released in various chapters.

Directed by Spike Jordan, Chapter 3 shows the aftermath of the gunfight in Chapter 2, as police investigate the brutal shootout that claimed many lives. This one focuses on Joshua, the man who appeared in Chapter 1 and 2 with a bullet to his head.

In flashbacks, Joshua can be seen with his little brother, the protagonist of the film, who was frantically running around the hospital in Chapter 1. Here, he offers some guidance. “Anybody can pick up [a gun],” he says. “Real power is [in the brain].”

Joshua, who is found carrying the gun, is later seen being scolded by his mother for selling drugs. “What kind of example are you setting for your brother?” she asks. “It’s a shame, Joshua. It’s a fuckin’ shame.”

He gets a similar lecture from his partner, who is expecting a baby (fans witnessed her give birth in Chapter 1). “Are you going to be a drug dealer for the rest of your life?” she asks. “And you about to have a kid? You’re about to be a father. This ain’t no joke.”

Just as he’s done in past chapters, Meek only appears briefly in the video. “This is what it is when the ice cream truck come through,” he raps in front of an ambulance and police tape. “Ain’t have a dollar / That shit just made me to a boss, word to my father.”

Wins & Losses is due Friday (July 21).

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